There’s no better feeling than getting someone ‘right.' Giving someone you care about a beautiful, thoughtful, and personalized gift, that leaves them and those around them reflecting, “what a good gift!"

Good Gift Delivered Founder Mary Kate Piotrowski spent over a decade in the luxury hospitality world, where customer service and guest experience are everything. Five-star, luxury service is all about striving to be a step ahead of your guest and recognizing their needs, to provide intuitive service with a beautiful presentation. Doing so truly defines their experience and makes your guests feel appreciated, understood, and loyal.

We feel the same applies to gift-giving. Whether giving to a friend, family member, client, or colleague, what you give and how you give it is a reflection of you. Small gestures matter and showing someone that you’re thinking of them shares that they’re important to you. It's relationship glue.

Here’s the thing: sometimes finding and delivering those special gifts is a tedious, time-consuming beast.

We’re here to streamline the process, act as your personal Gift Concierge, and get one more thing crossed off your list.

We’ll take care of the nitty-gritty, you go conquer the world!