Blackwing Journal, 602 Graphite Pencil and Accessories

Blackwing Journal, 602 Graphite Pencil and Accessories


Blackwing Palomino

A journal, graphite pencil, and accessories for the most discerning and stylish amongst us.

Every Blackwing Slate features 160 pages of high-quality, 100GSM blank paper, a durable dual-sewn binding, wear-resistant matte hardcover, canvas spine and unique pencil holster that comes loaded with the coveted Blackwing graphite pencil.

Also included is the custom brass point guard for the 602 Graphite Pencil, as well as a specially-designed white Long Point Sharpener. The Sharpener features two holes, one to sharpen the cedar wood and the second to precision sharpen the Japanese graphite to a long, fine point. Every sharpener comes with two replacement stainless steel German blades and an automatic brake that prevents over-sharpening.

Journal is available in either slate grey or black, each with a matching Blackwing pencil.

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